Eric Laska – Presets & Studies

Eric Laska – Presets & Studies

February 13, 2019
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Eric Laska | Presets & Studies

Presets & Studies (MFCS L): raw and spacious episodes for oscillators and air conditioners from Eric Laska (Philadelphia, PA). C34 cassette.

Presets and studies is culled from a larger project of setting parameters on software oscillators and playing them back live. The spacing between the presets is determined either on the fly or in advance of a performance. Studies can be any non-preset playback material. In the case of the recording on side b, the study is a field recording of an air conditioner window unit.

17 – 23
Recorded live by Martijn Tellinga, June 30, 2017 at San Serriffe, Amsterdam
Software oscillator presets 17 – 23

1 – 5, AC Study
Recorded live by Michael Bailey, August 9, 2018 at Heaven’s Gate, Philadelphia
Software oscillator presets 1 – 5, air conditioner recording

Design: Mimi Cheng

Audio mastered by A.F. Jones

Released Feb. 5, 2019

17 – 23 [excerpt]


$8.50 (post paid in the US)
$18.00 (post paid to Canada, Mexico)
$24.00 (post paid international)

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