Skylark Quartet | Live In Tokyo

Skylark Quartet | Live In Tokyo

January 22, 2019
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Skylark Quartet | Live In Tokyo

Permanently archived here, and available for a time in a limited pressing of 150 CDs from glass master, a live set from Skylark Quartet.

This performance at l-e in Tokyo features the quartet settling into Johnny Mercer and Hoagy Carmichael’s “Skylark” in eleven serial instances. Not unlike what can be heard on the legendary Plugged Nickel dates from Miles Davis’ second quintet, the microphones put us in the room on this evening in Tokyo.

Documentation of this rare performance is limited to the recorded audio, and what could be gleaned from observers Kanji Nakao, Sam Sfirri, Taku Unami, and Reiji Hattori.

Mastered for hi-fi and for detailed headphone listening at comfortable volume.

1. Skylark (Mercer/Carmichael)
2. Skylark (Mercer/Carmichael)
3. Skylark (Mercer/Carmichael)
4. Skylark (Mercer/Carmichael)
5. Skylark (Mercer/Carmichael)
6. Skylark (Mercer/Carmichael)
7. Skylark (Mercer/Carmichael)
8. Skylark (Mercer/Carmichael)
9. Skylark (Mercer/Carmichael)
10. Skylark (Mercer/Carmichael)
11. Skylark (Mercer/Carmichael)


released January 22, 2019

Skylark Quartet is:

Orlando Lewis: clarinet
Franz-Ludwig Austenmeiser: keyboard
Hayden Pennyfeather: bass
Roland Spindler: drums

Observers: Kanji Nakao, Sam Sfirri, Taku Unami, Reiji Hattori

Sam Sfirri: producer (

Sinker: recording and engineering
Al Jones: mastering

special thanks to t

© 2019 Marginal Frequency

release date: 22 Jan 2018

Skylark (Mercer/Carmichael) [excerpt]


$11.00 (post paid in the US)
$19.00 (post paid to Canada, Mexico)
$26.00 (post paid international)
Orders within the US:
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Everywhere else:

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