Cristián Alvear / Santiago Astaburuaga – capas de un tapiz

Cristián Alvear / Santiago Astaburuaga – capas de un tapiz

March 22, 2018
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capas de un tapiz

now available

MFCS I, on high quality magnetic tape from Marginal Frequency, photography by Tatiana Wolf. Limited to 100 units.


side A:
topializ (10:39)
by Rolando Hernández

side B:
sin título #21
by Nicolás Carrasco

Cristián Alvear: Cristián Alvear:  guitar, transducers, small amplifiers, recordings

Santiago Astaburuaga:  bass, transducers, small amplifiers, recordings

Recorded by Cristóbal Arriagada at CHT Studios Santiago de Chile

Mixed and mastered by Alan F Jones at Laminal Audio, Kitsap County, Washington

Photography: Tatiana Wolf
Design: Alan F JonesTwo new compositions from Rolando Hernández and Nicolás Carrasco, beautifully interpreted and executed by the Chilean duo of Cristián Alvear and Santiago Astaburuaga. This release marks the duo’s first recordings for the public, while they prepare for much more in the immediate future.Using physical objects and in situ cues through photography and video to realize complex scores, Alvear and Astaburuaga recorded these pieces live in the CHT studios in Santiago, Chile. Employing aggressive recording techniques and microphone placements to capture the main instrumentation of tabletop electric bass and classical guitar, the outcome is as lovely as anything Marginal Frequency has had the pleasure to present for the label’s listeners.topializ (excerpt)

sin título #21 (excerpt)



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