Andrea Borghi – Sostrato

Andrea Borghi – Sostrato

July 18, 2017
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Andrea Borghi | Sostrato


1. Sostrato (20’00”)


Andrea Borghi (b.1974) is an art teacher, sound artist and electroacoustic composer based in Pietrasanta, Lucca (Tuscany, Italy).

In his work, he explores the relationships between physical material substrates and sound production.

As a music publisher, he runs the disk publishing label «  Liscarecords ». He is also a founding member of the electronic improvisation group « Quartet Vipcancro ».

In recent years, his work has been focusing on experimentations with a number of different materials from which to create sound in a series called “Discomateria”. Using a variety of different mediums such as glass, plastic, metal, and more recently, marble, as the primary resource for sound production.

Discomateria #24, the source work for Sostrato, makes materials audible through electroacoustic transduction, and processes sound produced by the surfaces within the stage setting. The music producing instrument is a prepared pickup and turntable built by the artist. “Discomateria” is additionally a growing corpus of graphic/sculptural works of art.

Recorded by Andrea Borghi (prepared turntable, speaker, objects)
Mastered by A.F. Jones at Laminal Audio
Photography by Silvio Pennesi

edition of 50 / out of print


Sostrato excerpt 
Packaging has dimensions which exceed that of CD or cassette media units.
out of print

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