Jacob Wick – Twice Love

Jacob Wick – Twice Love

Jacob Wick | Twice Love

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Teotihuacán to the east. Nopales.

I met Jacob on the stairs of the Rotunda in Philadelphia and much later we shared a house concert on a floor in Baltimore. Later the tunnels in Guanajuato, and the strong gasping of a goat hide bagpipe.

Napoles. Sine tones and sandwiches. Open windows. Your waist always moves just so slightly in the chair when you straighten your back to circular breathe. Pivoting sometimes, an echolocation.

Objects have secrets. Material stresses, past corollaries, brass arteries, spiny waveforms, all the fleshy tangible messes. It makes sense that we always discover new stars, new species of cochineals, pink dryer lint in the corners of our pockets, trying so hard as we are to be captured by them. Trying so hard as we are to be captured out of time and into space.

I’ve been thinking a lot about it: music’s generosity in its invitation to the body to participate as a sounding medium. Calling and threading vibrations, constellations holding hands. If we make music as song and space condensed into architectural finials and Los Angeles spring times. I imagine — when we listen — as we lean in closer to our objects, necks lengthening, the ear finds a smoother and quicker path towards the heart through our throats. Movement in our torsos as internal as frequencies on midnight lake water. We wouldn’t mind if we were pulled towards the trees on the other bank, rocked horizontally towards the center, our bodies are things as boats become things. Carrier and container – smoother vessels.

Bonnie Jones, August 2016

SIDE A recorded January 2016 at the wulf., Los Angeles, CA (Wick – trumpet | Christian Weber – contrabass)

SIDE B recorded January 2016 at Bread & Salt, San Diego, CA (Wick – trumpet | Casey Anderson – soprano saxophone, electronics)

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Wick J Card

MFCS.B – Jacob Wick – Twice Love (edition of 75)

with Casey Anderson at Bread & Salt [excerpt]
with Christian Weber at the wulf. [excerpt]


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